Tammy is edited by JoAnna Novak, Tyler Flynn Dorholt, and Thomas Cook.


We publish a bi-annual print journal and chapbooks. 


Tammy art is by Steuart Pittman.


Contact Tammy here: thetjournal@gmail.com.




JoAnna Novak 

Tyler Flynn Dorholt

Thomas Cook

Each of our editors independently reads all submissions.

Please let us know if the work you've simultaneously submitted elsewhere is accepted for publication.

Upon publication, contributors receive a copy of the issue in which their work appears. 

Issue one: Richard Meier, Natania Rosenfeld, Johannes Goransson, Lisa Fishman, George Kalamaras, Joseph Mains, Nick Twemlow, Kellie Wells, Ray Gonzalez, Beth Marzoni, Kevin McFadden, Nate Slawson, Ander Monson, Benjamin Hale, Zachary Schomburg, Jeffrey Little, Monica Berlin, Jon Woodward, Aaron Patrick Flanagan, Camille Martin, Ryler Dustin, Andy Carter, Adam Krause, Francis Raven, Mary Kiolbasa, Sean R. Francis, and Catherine Meng.


Issue two (sold out): Rosmarie Waldrop, Thomas Mowe, David Bartone, Kate Garklavs, Sandy Florian, John Colburn, Alice Notley, Maria Damon, Ish Klein, Carter Meland, Tim Dlugos, Jenny Boully, Jena Osman, David Trinidad, Sara Flannery Murphy, Joyelle McSweeney, Zach Savich, Jen Tynes, Kristi Maxwell, Kevin O'Rourke, David Schuman, Sarah Fox, B.J. Hollars, Kiki Petrosino, and Danielle Pafunda.


Issue three: Lydia Davis, Alan Gilbert, Emily Hunt, Vincent Guerra, Ted Dodson, Hannah Brooks-Motl, A.L. Snijders trans. Lydia Davis, James Belflower, Meg Riley, Becca Klaver, Molly Brodak, Meghan M. Lee, and Kerri Webster.


Issue four: Francesca Capone, Andrew Wessels, Sunghee Yoon trans. Hyeon Jeong Lee and Cynthia Childs, Ray Gonzalez, Emily Brandt, Clara Sabater trans. Beverly Perez Rego, Erik Anderson, Kate Schapira, Philip Matthews, Erin J. Mullikin and David Wojciechowski, Camilo Roldan, Domenick Ammirati, Stephanie Anderson, Dot Devota, Peter Burghardt, July Cole, Nina Puro, Judson Hamilton, Claire Valentine-Fossum, Joshua Ware, Paige Taggart, Toby Altman, Anthony Madrid, and Liza Birnbaum among others.


Issue five (forthcoming): Joe Milazzo, Amanda Goldblatt, Nikki-Lee Birdsey, Bobby Williams, Natalie Eilbert, Kevin O'Rourke, Alec Hershman, Matt Bell, Maureen Seaton, Michele Christle, Karen Garthe, Lacy Mayberry, Clare Harmon, Sven Hansen-Love, David W. Pritchard, Brian Philip Whalen, Jenny Sadre-Orafai, Sarah Wylder Deshpande, Rebecca Loudon, Micah Bateman, George Kalamaras, Oscar Oswald, Dawn Raffel, Ken Walker, and Diane Williams. 


Issue six (forthcoming)

We are happy to announce we have selected three manuscripts from among those submitted during our chapbook reading period. Over the course of several months, we discussed a number of engaging, excellent chapbooks, and we thank all who made this process a success. 

Due to the large volume of exceptional manuscripts that we received during the reading period, we have opened permanently for chapbook submissions. We look forward to reading your work. 


We are pleased to be publishing the following manuscripts submitted during our first reading period:


Quatrains by Anthony Madrid

Scar let Woe man by Coco Owen

NN by Andrew Seguin


Learn more about these authors below. 


Anthony Madrid was born in 1968, raised in Maryland. He lives in Chicago with Nadya Pittendrigh.

Coco Owen is a stay-at-home poet in Los Angeles. She has published poems in the Antioch Review, 1913, CutBank, The Journal, Rio Grande Review and The Feminist Wire, among other venues. She has been a finalist in several recent book contests, including the May Swenson Poery Award, and has a mini chapbook with Binge Press. Owen serves on the board of Les Figues Press in Los Angeles. Read more of her work at: www.cocoowenphd.com

Andrew Seguin is a poet and photographer. His chapbook, Black Anecdote, is a past winner of the Poetry Society of America’s New York Chapbook Fellowship. He has received fellowships from the United States Fulbright Program, Poets House, and the Pennsylvania Humanities Council. As a photographer, Andrew is devoted to 19th-century processes. He lives in New York City, and on the web at www.andrewseguin.com